as you

Do Android Devs dream of electric sheep?

Android app development and software engineering is your realm and you love to question things?

Arbeiten bei sipgate

Come as you are!

we ❤ code

We develop software for telecommunications – and speak code. We work at eye level with clear goals in small, self-sufficient teams that are cross-functional, agile & lean. That’s why we are efficiently productive and don’t need overtime. This makes us independent and gives us room for lots of new, creative ideas.

knowledge is king

Many people know many things. Some know specific things. Here, everyone knows who specialises in what. So at the end of the day, we all know everything. That’s why we decide ourselves which educational courses we attend or which technology & tools we use to make our code better. Without a fixed budget.


We love good design, new experiences, open & friendly architecture, great food, concerts, childcare, and many other amenities that we have created for ourselves. This constant innovation at sipgate certainly promises one thing above all: a hell of a lot of fun.

Our open tech positions

Taking hybrid work to the next level! We work in a number of places: on campus, from home, and sometimes even in Mauritius. Our fully remote interview process has had great results so far. We’re looking forward to your application!

What you can expect after applying

We'll be in touch

Since our teams themselves announce the open positions, your application will end up directly with your future colleagues. We’ll contact you within two days and give you feedback on your application. If everything fits, we can arrange an appointment for your interview.


We’d like to invite you to an interview in our remote offices! We don’t want to drop surprises on you, so the group interviewing you might be a little bigger than you expect as they are your future colleagues. We’d like to know as much about you as possible during the first half hour, after which you’re free to ask us all the questions you’d like!


We would like to give you an impression of us and get to know you in our new remote working environment. The best way to do this is to join us online for one or two days and work with your future colleagues. We’ll let you know what you need for this at home  before then, of course.