6 Nov
beyond tellerrand Berlin 2018
von beyond tellerrand | Admiralspalast Berlin

beyond tellerrand Berlin 2018

beyond tellerrand is running in Düsseldorf in May and Berlin in November each year, selling out with 500 attendees each time.
In 2010 Marc Thiele founded beyond tellerrand. The name beyond tellerrand expresses the aim, that everybody involved wants look a bit further, look beyond the edge. It also reflects the global perspective of the event. The expression is a mix of the English word “beyond” and the German phrase “Über den Tellerrand schauen,” which means “Think outside the box”. The exact translation for the sentence is „Take a look beyond the edge of the plate“ … makes sense? ;)
The community spirit and family atmosphere at beyond tellerrand are truly special and lead to an intense and memorable experience for all. This is also part of what drives our attractive pricing for attendees. Where else can you get two days with a high quality line-up for just €179 Euro including VAT and booking fees?

Datum und Uhrzeit

Tue, 6. November 2018, 09:00 Uhr
Wed, 7. November 2018, 18:00 Uhr

Admiralspalast Berlin
Friedrichstraße 101
10117 Berlin

beyond tellerrand