6 Mar
#WWNRW: Gradient Blobs and Halftone Effects & Designing the Web
von Webworker NRW | sipgate GmbH

#WWNRW: Gradient Blobs and Halftone Effects & Designing the Web

Gradient Blobs & Halftone Effects mit Ana Tudor

CSS shape blobbing is a really cool effect that I started toying with way before I understood how it works in the back. This lack of understanding meant I was unaware of the technique“s limitations, unaware of where it was the case to bring in other tricks to achieve the results I wanted instead of keeping on modifying the example code and only getting frustrated in the process.
To spare you the same frustration, this talk is going to show you what I have since learned, how that helps with achieving those really cool blobbing effects I didn“t know how to get to for years and how the same technique can be used to easily achieve something else I previously didn“t think was really doable using only CSS: halftone patterns!
So join me for a trip into the world of CSS graphical effects. There will be clever tricks, live coding and cute animals!

Designing the Web mit Vasilis van Gemert

Vasilis is convinced that we haven’t used the web to its full potential yet. On the one hand the web doesn’t have to look as boring as it does today. He will show some examples of what his students have been making with CSS, this wonderful material we use to shape the web. And on the other hand he thinks that we have ignored quite a few people while we were designing boring websites for ourselves. He will illustrate this with examples of prototypes his students made exclusively for some friends of his with real disabilities.
Language: english

Datum und Uhrzeit

Fri, 6. March 2020, 19:00 Uhr
Wed, 26. February 2020, 22:00 Uhr

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