30 Jan
#WWNRW: How to be more productive with WebStorm
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#WWNRW: How to be more productive with WebStorm

+++ How to be more productive with WebStorm +++ by Ekaterina Prigara +++

Every day a frontend developer uses a dozen of various tools: linters, task runners, debugger, version control, not to mention all the frameworks and libraries.
In this talk, Ekaterina will explain how to set up your development workflow in WebStorm in the most productive way and use these tools more efficiently in the IDE. She’ll also give a crash course on using the editor, navigating around the project, using Git in the IDE, and much more.
This talk is targeted at all levels of users of WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, or other JetBrains IDEs.
For the past 5 years, Ekaterina (https://twitter.com/katyaprigara) has worked as a Product Manager for the WebStorm IDE at JetBrains. As part of her job, and as a hobby, she follows all the new things going on in the JavaScript ecosystem, experiments with new tools, and tries to understand how WebStorm can help developers. She also loves music and coffee.
Language of the evening will be English.

Datum und Uhrzeit

Wed, 30. January 2019
19:00 Uhr – 22:00 Uhr

sipgate GmbH
Gladbacher Str. 74
40219 Düsseldorf

Webworker NRW